If you’ve got a home that you’re trying to sell, you need to understand all of your options.

The traditional home selling process can be extremely convoluted and stressful. Between repairing and preparing the house for showings, finding a realtor that you trust, and trying to get the most out of your home, it could take several months to complete the process.

All-cash home sales now make up 36% of the market, which may be signaling a change in the industry. Why go through the treacherous process described above if you can sell your home for cash?

There are still a few myths about selling your home to a cash buyer. In this post, we’re going to get you up to speed by telling you how it works. 

The Cash for Homes Process, Explained

The myth of the cash for homes business is well-established. A lot of people picture lowball offers and sketchy men with briefcases full of money, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, there are scammers out there, but at John Buys Houses, it’s all about the buyer-seller relationship.

When you go with us, you’ll be able to sell your home as fast as possible. We purchase properties in Columbus with the expressed purpose of turning them into rentals or flipping them.

Whether you’re selling us a fixer-upper or a pristine home, you’ll get the right amount of money for it. The reason for this is that, unlike some other cash buyers, we value our community. With our rehab team, we’re able to take homes in any condition and turn them into great rentals.

First, we get the necessary information about your home. With that information, well do a local housing comparison, followed by a viewing. Once we’ve seen your home, we’ll do an evaluation meeting and send you a cash offer.

We don’t send out lowball offers. If you don’t like our offer, we can work on an alternative solution or you can try to sell your home to someone else. When you accept our offer, we’ll start getting the paperwork ready and close on a date that works for you – usually, we close in 5-15 days.

The Benefits of Selling Your Home for Cash

There are endless benefits to selling your home for cash. We’ve already touched on the time and effort that it takes to sell a home the traditional way, but there are some more subtle perks you’ll see when you sell your home for cash.

No Appraisal Necessary

When you sell to a traditional buyer with a mortgage, the lender is going to want to have your home appraised. This is to ensure that they’re not lending more money than the house is worth. When this happens, there’s always a chance that a deal could fall through.

The last thing you need is for an appraiser to tell you your home isn’t worth the selling price. If you want to keep money in your pocket, take a cash offer instead. A cash buyer will ask for information about your house, arrange to see it, then give you a no-obligation offer that you can take or leave.

Fast and Risk-Free

The process of selling a home for cash is incredibly fast. As we mentioned above, your home can sit unsold for months if you’re not in a hot market. When you have to deal with mortgage lenders, there’s always the potential of a deal falling through, making the process even longer.

When your house sits on the market for too long, it becomes more and more difficult to find interested buyers. Selling to a cash buyer is fast, with the process sometimes completed within a week. At John Buys Houses, our goal is always to help sellers get cash in hand as soon as possible.

De-Stress the Process

Everything that goes into selling a home can create a lot of stress. 77% of home sellers are stressed by at least some part of the process, whether it’s dealing with buyers or red tape. 

When you’ve inherited a house from a deceased loved one or you need to quickly relocate, it compounds the stress of selling. This is when selling a home for cash is the best option. You don’t have to worry about repairs, showings, realtors, untrustworthy buyers, etc. – you just set up a viewing and get a cash offer.

Selling As-Is

Sinking a boatload of money into home repairs before selling only works to decrease the amount of money you get at the end. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a good buyer when your home is in rough shape. This is when your home could sit on the market for months, if not years.

Cash buyers like us don’t necessarily care what shape the home is in. If you want to sell as-is, you can avoid doing all of that time-consuming work and get cash quickly. For instance, our goal is always to rehab the house and rent it to qualified tenants.

Find the Best Cash Offers for Homes in Ohio

Now that you understand a bit more about the process of selling your Columbus-area home for cash, it’s time to get the best cash buyer possible. At John Buys Homes, we make sure you don’t have to deal with any stress or anxiety when selling your home.

Simply go to our site and provide us with the necessary information and we’ll contact you ASAP to book a viewing. When you get our cash offer, you can take it or leave it. If you take it, the entire process can be done at your earliest convenience. 

Visit our site to learn more about the process and contact us when you’re ready to talk about selling your home for cash.