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We help people solve difficult situations with creative solutions.

Are you looking for a reputable home investor to buy your Columbus home as it is? Even if your home requires repair work, John Buys Houses will purchase your property and take care of all the paperwork. Call us today to learn more.


John Buys Houses is a part of CORE Developments LLC. CORE is owned by John Horner created in early 2014. John strongly believes in win-win situations, and only wants to buy a house if it helps the seller.

At John Buys Houses Ohio, you will find the fastest way to sell your Columbus home. We are local investors who are always looking for investment properties.

We pay cash, close quickly, and help you get rid of your property. We also have other real estate solutions if a cash offer is not an option. We work with the highest level of integrity and treat all of our sellers with respect. We are interested in single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, and any multi-family homes. Contact us to discover our win-win solution for selling your home in a flash.

Meet the Team


John Horner is a founding member of the Core Developments Companies. John started his real estate investing journey back in 2009 when he purchased his first foreclosure in his hometown of Bowling Green, Ohio, fixed it up and rented it out for the next 8 years. John moved to Columbus in 2010 when he and his wife got married, but he didn’t become involved in Columbus investment real estate until 2013 when he started aggressively looking for more real estate to invest in. He started out by networking and being very active in the real estate investing forums on There, he met other investors and learned the basics about investing in real estate.

John did a few deals before he found his new business partner, Brian Rightler, through BiggerPockets. John and Brian have been flipping and renting properties in the Greater Columbus area for over 5 years. John leads the Central Ohio Investor Network, a real estate focused monthly Meetup meant to educate and network its members! John is the co­host of the Take Action Real Estate Podcast where he shares his knowledge and experience with his listeners, and helps other investors avoid the pitfalls that he’s experienced the last 10 years investing in Real Estate! John has done over 180 real estate deals and is excited to grow his company, his team and his network to help others succeed in this industry! John and his wife Amy have 3 children ranging from 2 years old to 6. He enjoys coaching their T­ball teams and going on family bike rides with them!

Meet the Team


Brian is a licensed real estate agent and general contractor. He has been investing in Real Estate since 2010 when he bought his first rental property. Shortly after this he subdivided that property into another lot and built a second rental. He flipped four more properties and held onto two of them. In 2013, he and his family of 6 moved to Columbus and began buying rentals and flipping houses here. In 2015, after doing several deals in partnership with John Horner, he decided to partner up with him and the growth since then has been phenomenal. To date, they have bought and sold 150+ residential properties, almost all of those being rehabbed in some fashion.

In 2015, he and John started building a rental portfolio of single­family and multi-family homes totaling 120+ units. They currently manage an office staff of 5 employees, all of their own rentals as well as rentals for other owners. As a veteran of the US Navy, he takes his duties at work, and all that is required to be professional and diligent in every endeavor very seriously.

Brian’s largest project to date is managing the rehab of a 24 unit apartment complex that was completely destroyed. So far, this has been a 12-month project with a construction budget of $900,000. It is near the end and should be renting units soon. Navigating the city permitting process was a huge learning experience. Recently, he and John started a podcast to educate others interested in real estate investing. He co­hosts the Take Real Estate Podcast and writes blog posts on their website. He is currently working with his staff to create materials and content to enable others to avoid pitfalls as they embark on their path to financial freedom. Brian and his wife Erica have 4 children ages 6 to 14. He enjoys spending time crossfitting and weightlifting with the oldest 2 and fishing with the younger ones. His family enjoys traveling to amazing places like India and Thailand and to many beautiful places here in the USA as well.

It is our strong ethical standards that lead us to believe that relationships and people are more important than a profit.

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