Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is happy answer all of your questions and we are here to guide you through the process, step by step. Call us today to talk to a team member about your property.
Q: Why should I choose John Buys Houses Ohio over a real estate agent?
A: There are many benefits to working with us directly and we are not a great fit for everyone. If your home needs repairs and you are not in a position financially or have the time, we are a great fit. If you need cash quickly, we are a great fit.

In addition to that, you do not pay us $10,000 to $20,000 in fees for your realtors and closing costs. You will not have to make any concessions or repairs to your property for a traditional buyer. If you are concerned about a lot of people constantly walking through your property for showings, we don’t do that. We walk through once to reduce COVID exposure with masks and gloves.

Q: Where do you buy houses?
A: We buy houses in Central Ohio. We like to stay close to Franklin county and surrounding counties.
Q: How do we decide the amount I should get for my property?
A: Always a great question. There is actually a process we follow to make sure we are giving you the best offer possible.

First, we get the address and pull comparable houses and what they sold for in that area and most importantly, the condition and upgrades to that property.

Secondly, we set a time to see the current condition of the property. We arrive with masks and make sure we maintain a safe distance to assure your safety and ours.

Third, we review the pictures and notes with our rehab team and determine the amount of time and money needed to invest to ensure the property can sell at the comparable houses we researched initially.

Fourth, we set a time to discuss our offer with you. At that point, you simply let us know if we are a good fit for you. If yes, you pick the closing date, and we start the paperwork. It truly is that simple.

Q: What kinds of houses and properties do you purchase?
A: We like investing in single-family homes and anything up to a large complex. Unfortunately, we are not buying mobile homes at this time.
Q: Can you buy my property even if it include some (or a lot) of repair work?

A: Of course. Afterall, that’s our specialty. We have our own rehab team; we do not outsource projects to overpriced construction companies and that reduces our rehab budget which allows us to pay you a fair price for your property.

Q: How soon can you close?

A: In the past, we have closed in as little as 4 days, but our typical purchase will take between 5 to 15 business days.

Q: Are you interested in my house if I have special circumstances such as a vacant property, tenants going through an eviction, Code Violations, or Delinquent Property Taxes?

A: Absolutely, we understand things happen and we are not here to judge. We are here to help you find a positive solution to eliminate any pressure and stress. Contact us today to schedule a walkthrough to evaluate your property and discuss the solutions we can provide.

Interested in selling your property?

If you have a property to sell in Columbus or the Greater Columbus area, John Buys Houses is your No. 1 choice for a quick, convenient, and fair sale. Contact our friendly and experienced team today to learn more.

It is our strong ethical standards that lead us to believe that relationships and people are more important than a profit.

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