Most homeowners who put their houses up on the market are looking for a quick sale. Few homeowners are okay with their houses sitting on the market for several months while their lives remain on hold.

However, there are some situations that call for an immediate sale of your house. If you’re facing a financial dilemma or some other unfortunate situation, selling your house fast might be the only way to avoid further complications.

You might be wondering, “How can I sell my house as-is in the next few weeks?”

Good question. There are two basic answers to this question. The route you choose will be entirely up to you.

How to Sell My House As-Is Traditionally

First, you can look into selling your house as-is through the traditional home selling process. While there are some benefits of going this route, they come with a cost, in both time and money. Here’s what you’re looking at.

Realtor Fees

Generally speaking, selling a home traditionally includes hiring a realtor.¬†However, if you’re selling your house without making repairs or renovations, you’re already going to take a hit on your revenue. A realtor will take an additional 3% to 6% of your profits for their commission, further dipping into your revenue.

For reference, if your goal is to “sell my house as-is for $200,000,” your realtor will take a minimum of $6,000 to $12,000 out of your earnings.

Inspections and Appraisals

For most homeowners, learning how to make a quick home sale also means hiring a home inspector and a home appraiser. A home inspector will come to your house and evaluate its condition. This process will cost you a few hundred dollars and can take weeks to schedule out.

A home appraisal is roughly the same price and can also take several weeks to schedule. The appraiser will come to your house and determine its value based on its condition, features, location, and the current real estate market.

These two steps are mandatory in most traditional home sales. They will be required by buyers and their lenders.

Cleaning and Staging

Learning how to sell a house as-is doesn’t mean you don’t need to put any effort into the sale whatsoever. Just because the house needs repairs here and there, for example, doesn’t mean potential buyers will be okay with messes, stains, odors, and other off-putting conditions.

Therefore, even if your goal is to learn how to sell your home fast without making expensive repairs, you can’t skimp on the cleaning. For that matter, many studies show that staging a home also leads to a faster sale. However, home staging services cost hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of dollars a month.

Private Tours and Open Houses

Finally, to sell a house as-is, you need to be open to private tours from interested buyers. It’s important to disclose everything in the listing to avoid wasting your time and the time of prospective buyers. Otherwise, they’ll show up, learn about the condition of the house, and walk.

Yet, these tours are paramount for selling your house. Buyers will want to see a home in person before making an offer, especially if the home is being sold as-is.

In some cases, it can also be beneficial to host an open house over the weekend to generate more leads with potential buyers. Of course, open houses and private tours, while effective, are also incredibly disruptive and invasive.

How to Sell My House As-Is for Cash

By now, you’re probably beginning to see that learning how to sell a house as-is through the traditional home selling process takes time, money, and a lot of work. Fortunately, as noted above, there’s more than one answer to “How can I sell my house as-is?”

We recommend selling to a cash home buyer. This route comes with amazing perks and benefits.

No Repairs, Renovations, or Cleaning Necessary

Did you know that the average home seller spends $21,000 prepping their house for the market? This includes repairs, renovations, professional staging, cleaning, and more.

While these expenses can help you sell your house on the traditional market, you likely don’t have the time or financing to invest in these preparations. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be selling your house as-is.

If you decide, however, to “sell my house as-is for cash,” you can skip all of these time-consuming and expensive processes. Most cash home buyers will give you a cash offer regardless of the condition of your home. You won’t have to clean or even move all of your unwanted possessions out of the house before leaving.

No Excessive Tours or Inspections

If your primary goal is to learn how to sell your home fast, waiting on inspectors and appraisers can take weeks that you can’t afford. Similarly, waiting for interested buyers to find your home, schedule tours, and negotiate is also time-consuming.

If you need to sell your house as soon as possible to avoid financial problems, because you’re going through a divorce, or due to a death in the family, you simply don’t have the time (or the patience) to deal with these things.

Selling to a cash home buyer is incredibly simple. All you need to do is reach and let them know you’re would like a free cash offer.

Then, they’ll send someone over to inspect your house in order to give you an accurate and fair proposal. If you accept their offer, you begin the process.

Short, Guaranteed Closing

Finally, if your goal is to “sell my house as-is,” and you’re looking for a sure thing, a cash home buyer can offer that to you. In a traditional home sale, even after you and the buyer agree to terms, you still have to wait on the lender to close on the sale.

Not only does this take 30 to 45 days, but it can also be delayed or completely derailed for any number of reasons. Buyers can accidentally disqualify themselves financially by taking out loans, charging up credit cards, or even by changing their jobs. They can also pull out at any moment for any reason.

Cash home buyers, on the other hand, can close in as little as one or two weeks. They also have a guaranteed closing process, which means you won’t’ have any nasty surprises.

Need to Sell Your Home as Quickly as Possible?

If you’re in between a rock and a hard place and need to sell your house fast, cash home buyers can provide a solution to your problem. This is the fastest and easiest way to sell your home, no matter what condition it’s in. So if you’re thinking, “I want to sell my house as-is fast,” reaching out to a cash home buyer is your best option.

Contact us today to get your free cash offer. And feel free to ask any questions about our process or address any concerns. We would love to provide a solution to your problem so you can move on with your life.