cash for your house

The real estate market in Ohio today is busier than ever. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to sell your house fast for cash, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up a few situations where getting cash for your house makes sense over putting it up on the traditional real estate market.

Selling traditionally takes time and money. With a cash offer, there’s no need for open houses or staging your home for every showing.

From selling as-is to putting yourself in control, we’ll go over just a few of the many reasons why a cash offer might be the most seamless way to go. Let’s jump into why cash is king.

1. You Want to Sell the House As-Is

Selling your home as-is means there’s no need to do any work. Putting your home on the open market means you need to do some updates or repairs. When you sell your home as-is, there’s no need to do anything.

If you put your home up for sale on the MLS, buyers will want to see some updates. You’ll often need to paint your home, fix it or make some improvements. Buyers are picky. Even in a seller’s market, buyers want move-in ready homes.

When you sell your home as-is, there is no need to purge items, get professional cleaners, stage it, or fix anything. You can accept a quick, cash offer and move on to your new home. You’ll also be able to waive inspection and skip the negotiations.

2. I Need to Sell My House Fast in Ohio

Time is money. If you need to sell your house quickly, a cash offer is what you need. Deals often fall through when mortgages are involved. Even the nicest buyers can have their lending fall through.

If you accept an offer on your home, it’s not done until the deal is signed at the closing table. Your buyers could lose their funding or even change their minds. With a cash offer, there’s no need to deal with mortgage contingencies. You don’t have to wait for lenders or jump through any hoops.

Selling your home traditionally also takes time. You’ll have to list it, wait for buyers, have showings, and open houses. There’s no telling how long it will take for someone to make an offer. Your buyer could also have mortgage contingencies.

Once you have an offer, you’re still 30-60 days away from closing. If you have a new home you’re waiting to purchase, this could cost you. Your next home is waiting, get your home sold quickly.

3. You Want to Save Money

Listing your home traditionally can cost you more money in the long run. Not only will you have to pay expensive real estate commissions, but you’ll also need to spend your own money. Real estate commissions are anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 on average. 

Putting your home on the market requires some money and work on your end. You’ll want to hire a professional to clean, paint, and even repair or update some fixtures. Buyers want something move-in ready.

Cleanings, repairs, and updates are costly. Selling your home for cash means there are no contractors or painters to hire. Your home is sold, and you don’t have to pay anyone out of pocket to clean it or update it.

If your home takes a while to sell on the market, you’re also paying carrying costs. Your mortgage payment and utility bills are all considered carrying costs. The sooner your home is sold, the less you’ll need to pay to keep it up and running.

4. You Want to be In Control

Listing your home on the MLS takes some of your control away. You’re putting your home in the hands of a real estate agent and potential buyers. You don’t get to control who comes to see your home and how long the process takes.

There’s no telling how many showings you’ll have or if you’ll need an open house. Showing your home takes a lot of time and effort. For each showing, you’ll need to clean your home, stage it, and make it look as good as possible.

If you have kids or pets, showing your home becomes even more challenging. Numerous people need to come in and walk through your house. You’ll need somewhere to go with your pets and your little ones, so the house is ready to show.

If you’ve already found your next home, it’s difficult to control how long your house will be on the market and when you can move. You’ll need to coordinate closing dates and movers. With a quick, cash sale, you can wrap up your old home and be on to the next.

Cash for Your House 101

Getting cash for your house in Ohio is easier than you think. Selling your house for cash means less time on the market, no showings or open houses, and no work on your end. Skip the house tours and staging.

Cash offers mean your Ohio home is sold quickly. You’re in control of the process and there are no expensive real estate fees to pay. 

For more information and a free cash estimate, fill out the contact form here. You’ll be put in touch with a real estate professional who can help you get a cash offer for your home. Let’s get your house sold so you can move on to your next chapter.