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Who We AreWho We Are

John Buys Houses is a part of CORE Developments LLC. CORE is owned by John Horner created in early 2014. John strongly believe in win-win situations, and only wants to buy a house if it helps the seller.

At John Buys Houses Ohio, you will find the fastest way to sell your Columbus home. We are local investors who are always looking for investment properties. We pay cash, close quickly, and help you get rid of your property. We also have other real estate solutions if a cash offer is not an option. We work with the highest level of integrity and treat all of our sellers with respect. We are interested in single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, and any multi-family homes. Contact us to discover our win-win solution for selling your home in a flash.

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How it WorksHow it Works

How We Can Help

We have created a fast-track way for you to sell your property. Many people dread putting their property on the market, paying for necessary repairs, leaving their home for showings, and so forth. On top of all this, you have to pay realtor commissions, concessions for the buyer, and usually cover all the closing costs. If you let John buy your home, we can cover all of that. No waiting for the buyer to get their mortgage approved. We accept houses in AS-IS condition, we pay cash, we cover all closing costs, and we close quickly. We’re here to find win-win solutions for everyone.

What We Do With The Property

Our main goal is to purchase properties to keep as rentals. John Buys Houses Ohio will purchase your property, fix any necessary repairs and find a qualified, long-term tenant. If the home is in an area or price range that will not meet our rental formula, we will sometimes rehab and sell the property to a retail buyer or on a Lease Option contract. Our goal is to improve the properties and the areas in which we invest. We rehab our houses to be the best in the neighborhood, and place quality tenants that we know will be a benefit to the community.

How We Value Your Property

When John Buys Houses Ohio is evaluating a property, we use one of two formulas. Our rental formula, or our fix-and-flip formula. Based on the location, size and condition of the property, we come up with the highest possible number we would be able to pay to take it off your hands. We do not throw out random low-ball offers. If our cash offer is not enough for the seller, we usually offer a creative finance offer as well. This could be in the form of a Lease Option Contract or an owner finance scenario.