Spring is a great time to sell your home, but this often means a flood of houses hit the market each spring. To stand out from the crowd, you need to get your house ready for the spring market. Start with the big-picture items on your list and then move to the more detailed steps, such as cleaning. Here are five ways you can get your home ready for the spring market.

1)    Maintenance

You know that little leak that began during winter? Get it fixed. New homeowners want a turn-key home that doesn’t require any major or even minor renovations or repairs. This includes regular preventative maintenance necessary such as cleaning or replacing air filters and oiling garage door hinges. Even something as simple as cleaning out your gutters can have an impact on how buyers see your home. The more you can complete, the higher their bids may be.

2)    Inspections

Anything that you don’t maintain yourself should have a thorough inspection from a licensed professional. Pipes can sustain damage over the winter and should be inspected, cleaned, or fixed as necessary. HVAC units have been working hard in the cold. An inspection will reveal if anything needs fixed and even give estimates on the remaining life of a product (water heater, garage door, etc.). New homeowners will love to hear that the inspector expects the roof to last another 10-15 years without maintenance. This can certainly help sell your home.

3)    Curb Appeal

Spring is a time to remove the drab white and grey overcoat of winter and let your landscape shine with color once again. A brown, dead yard and bare flowerbeds will not inspire homeowners to see the beauty of your home. As soon as the weather is nice, get outdoors and start working on your curb appeal. Ensure your lawn is green and lush. Prep flowerbeds with new mulch and plant colorful flowers or bulbs. Trim trees and bushes that have grown untamed. First impressions are important, so make sure your curb appeal screams springtime.

4)    Decorating

There are plenty of easy ways to make an impact inside your home as well. Decorations and staging help potential buyers see themselves living there. A fresh coat of paint in a bright, spring color can do wonders for lightening a space and creating a cheery atmosphere. Simple swaps such as new couch pillows or floor coverings can give your space that extra pop home buyers are looking for.

5)    Cleaning

It wouldn’t be spring if there weren’t some cleaning involved. Potential homeowners will be looking at more than the floor and countertops. Take the time to complete a deep clean before you put your home on the market. Wipe down fans, moldings, doorjambs, shelves, and anywhere else dust might have settled. Give your windows a healthy shine and go the extra step by polishing floors and spit-shining fixtures. A clean home feels fresher and newer for potential buyers.

Spring is a great time to put your home on the market, but you shouldn’t just throw up a listing and be done with it. By performing maintenance, getting inspections, taking care of your curb appeal, and decorating and cleaning the inside, your home will increase in value to potential buyers and stand out amongst the other houses for sale.