Most home sellers want to make their process as quick and easy as possible. That’s why many sell their homes to investors who pay with cash. This is becoming a popular alternative to selling through a real estate agent for many reasons.

When you bypass the process of selling this through a realtor, many timely steps are skipped and money is saved. A realtor makes an average of 6 percent of the final sale price. While this might not sound like a lot, it can really add up. This doesn’t even include bank or closing fees. When selling to an investor, you bypass ALL of these. When they make you a net offer that is the exact price you will receive.

Once you finally find a prospective buyer, he or she will probably have to qualify for financing, which can create further delay or even cause the deal to fall through. Also when selling your home to a regular buyer, your home will have not only go through inspections, but also pass them. Your home will also have to be appraised. This takes time and also gives the buyer time to change their mind and back out of the sale if they wish. When selling to an investor, you will skip all of this and won’t risk losing the sale.

Many home sellers go through long processes of fixing up their home just to get it in selling condition. If a buyer is going to pay money for a house, they expect it to be in the best condition possible. This includes inside, outside, the roof and landscaping just to name a few things. This takes time and is costly. Why would you want to spend time making a home nice that you aren’t even going to live in? Investors buy a house as-is, making things as convenient as possible.

Working with reputable real estate investors makes sense in many situations, particularly when selling a house can cost even more money with every day that passes. Many homeowners have realized the value of selling their house without spending money on repairs, renovations, fees or paying for two mortgages. That’s when making the choice to sell for cash can be a homeowner’s best option and investment buyers can become a home seller’s best friend.